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Bringing "Pure & Shameless" networking back to Orlando.



Pictures from "Pure & Shameless" Tech Socials





John, IT Director: Also thanks for the social gathering it was great to meet a lot of people and grow my connections.

Pawan, Business Analyst: Thank you for the invitation to the "Pure and Shameless".  I enjoyed myself there :) and got a chance to meet so many old friends, and new ones :)

Marty M., VP of IT Sales: It was a very nice event and I was glad I could attend.  Met some very interesting people and got a good overview of the IT market in Tampa Bay.

Nora L., Consultant: I only had an opportunity to attend one of your mixers but it was a fantastic way to meet other IT people and network! Congratulations on such a success through the years and best wishes!

Matt M., Mobile Entrepreneur:  The tech social was pure and shameless as advertised. I had a great time and met some good people. And the band was good too.

Eric L., Government aide: One more shout out, this is for the longest running tech event in our community!  I have attended this, it is a blast, cool people, great conservations and generally just a fun time.  last fall three different people I met at this event that were looking for jobs, found jobs! Give Fritz a call and get registered!

Jimmy W, CEO of Wikipedia: I'll be speaking at MIT that day, so I can't attend. 


Kent, Business Analyst: Just a note of thanks for continuing your Tech social event. I always come out of there with 10-15 new contacts at each event.  And it was a great time to celebrate your birthday as well.

Anonymous, Executive: Fritz, can you remove my staff from these mailings? Thanks

Reid Hoffman, Founder LinkedIn: I want to personally thank you because you were one of LinkedIn's first 100,000 members (member number 62,072 in fact!). In any technology adoption lifecycle, there are the innovators; those who help lead the way. That was you.

Dwayne, IT Consultant: Fritz, I must say that it is a pleasure to receive your emails for this event. The last event I attended landed me a gig that paid $65 an hour ($97.50 an hour for overtime). I’ll be there and be sure to say hello when I arrive.

Mike, Developer: btw - please keep inviting me to your Tech Socials...Also, you're one of the few recruiters that sends me leads on really good opportunities.  I appreciate that! Thanks,

Anonymous Executive: Sounds like I should have talked to you before I made that mistake. I will call you tomorrow morning.  See you at the next Tech Social.

My Mom: "Dios te Bendiga mi hijo, bello. Y si, vete a trabajar” (for you disadvantaged and unable to read Spanish – God bless you my beautiful son.  And yes, go back to work…)

Robert, VP of Consulting Services: Good event, met some great people! Looking forward to the next one. 

Kelly, Local Tech Services Firm: I want to thank you for allowing me to come to your Pure and Shameless Technology Social. I was able to make some very good contacts. I really appreciate the event and the opportunity to network. Please keep me on your list of invitees. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve, Network Administrator: please stop sending me this crap

Dennis, CFO Technology Firm: I had a great time on Thursday. I got caught up with some old friends and made a few new contacts too! Take care.

James, Business Analyst: Thank you once again for a great event!  Made some good contacts, and even set-up a phone interview. Ran out of cards, and left before it was over - but - was very good!

Bruce, Web/Marketing Manager: I owe you a thank you. You told me to stay away from Savtira. I had an offer on the table, and as you know am very interested in the opportunity to move to the Tampa area...but for some reasons, your words kept ringing in my head...and I declined the offer. I can’t thank you enough.  Look forward to making it to one of your Tech Socials.

Matthew, Director of Information Technology: Hi Fritz, I wasn't able to stay long, but I thought the event was very cool, I'd like to go to more of them. If you need a larger place to have it, the old Storman palace has reopened as 'the venue' on Ulmerton road, and is in a good central location, close to Ulmerton/275/Howard franklin. They have a LOT of room and would probably be into hosting something like this.   Thank you for the invitation Fritz. It was indeed interesting. If you have a moment, I think I have a great candidate for your Director of IT/Data Security. Let me know...

Joe, .Net Developer:
Seemed like a jamming event.   Saw a few folks I hadn’t seen in quite some time.  Nice job. 

Michael, Services Provider: Hey Fritz- I thought it was a good night. Put a lot of faces to names I already knew....which was interesting in & of itself. Met some new folks, of course. You know how it goes....every intro is valuable, even if it’s not in the form of a dollar... Thanks for continuing to host these. Please keep me on the list.

Raymond D., Management Consultant: Tampa is a better place with you in it, as you help people with their careers...and meeting others...and Martinis.

Charles, IT Manager: It was a pleasure knowing you while I was, and I appreciate all that you're doing for central Florida's tech scene. Since I'm not in the area any more, please feel free to take me off the invite list.

Deanne Roberts (Rest in Peace), Brilliant Person: The Tampa Bay Partnership is renewing its 'Tampa Bay Shines' campaign ... I'm going to write a paragraph on what you've done b/c it's an amazing story.  Anyway, I think you are one of the shining stars and wanted you to know I'm submitting your events.  See ya and keep on shinin'!

Michael M., SR. Marketing Manager: I was very pleased with the contacts I made at your soiree last night. Count on me to attend each and every one of these you plan. Thanks again for putting on such a worthwhile event at the Blue Martini. This was literally the first time since I relocated to this area from Boston a few years ago that I returned home thinking "that was not a waste of time!"

Doug B., Business Analyst: Found out about this through a friend... It's a good idea. Sales people network, IT folks should as well.

Kevin - Director Software Company: The social was awesome and I am thoroughly excited that I attended. Thanks for allowing me to participating in this excellent networking event.

Name withheld by request buit they approved the quote to be used: REMOVE ME FROM YOUR SPAM LIST

Jorge - Director of IT: Good Morning Fritz! I loved the social and wish there were more like these. I actually ran into a few people in my field which I haven't spoken to in a while. I am a member of the Tampa Bay Technology Forum and heard about this through them. Also, I was told about it from a friend of mine, George from MacDill. Definitely let me know the next time you have another one of these and I will gladly attend.

Robin - former top attorney from Bearing Point: I was very impressed with the social. You are one connected guy...I appreciated the invitation and would definitely attend again if

Emily, Recruiter: Thank you so much for having me at the networking event last night, it was really great meeting you and the turnout was impressive!  I was able to make some great connections, all thanks to you.  

Pam B. - Project Manager: I had a wonderful time at the Tech Social. You know that I am currently seeking a new career opportunity at this time. I met some folks who were very interested in my telecom project mgmt. skills and talents and I am happy to say that I am taking off of work this Friday for an interview with the V.P. and President of the company. Keep your fingers crossed for me, wish me luck, and say a prayer. Please let me know when you are having the next social. I will surely be there. Thanks again for your friendship and support.

Mark B. Director of Sales, Tech Company: Every time I go there are more and more people. It's a great event and seems to be growing. The social was great! I made some good contacts and had some fun. The only recommendation is you might need a bigger location... 

Aron: The tech social was great as always. I made some good contacts and have already received emails from some of the other attendees. The business is going well, at this early point, and I just secured a new deal with a local gym to build them a new website and perform some other consulting services for them. I'm also working with a band and a jewelry broker. Things are rolling! I'll keep in touch as things progress. Always good to hear from you. I'll keep in touch and let you know how things are going. 

Name withheld, VP of IT: I did see a lot of former coworkers. Boy you had a ton of people there. It looked like a very popular event. I tried to get to you a couple of times, but you were engaged at the table every time I came by. Hey I got a lead that the CIO at XYZ is open? I would be interested in knowing anything you might know.

From John F., Director of IT: Thanks, Fritz. I saw you but you were busy hobnobbing! I like the socials. I meet people I otherwise would not have an opportunity to meet. In today's economy, it also provides an opportunity for networking. I think the socials are great the way they are -- unstructured, interesting and fun. Keep up the good work.

From Brigitte M., Software programmer: I attended a social and got a great new job with a hot tech company. I've been there for three years. We've recently received a significant amount of investment from a VC and things are going great. Thanks very much for holding these events

Donald Z., Project Manager: It was good getting to meet you Thursday night. I found the networking event interesting. I did meet a few new people that look like they would be good contacts.

From Richard M., entrepreneur: When is the next Tampa Bay social? I made contact at last social (Dan Marino's) and actually got money paying work from it!!!

From Scott B, web designer: I wanted to thank you for the work you take making the monthly events happen. I was comfortable there, and felt it did a lot of good.

From Lisa M., Strategy Consultant: How do I join the mailing list for the Pure and Shameless tech social. It has been recommended to me by more than one person as a crucial way to understand the technology situation in the Tampa Bay area.

Don L., IT Manager: Thanks for the invite to the Pure & Shameless Tech Social this past week. It was my 1st time and the turn out seemed great. I got a couple of leads I will be following up on.  It was good getting to meet you Thursday night. I found the networking event interesting. I did meet a few new people that look like they would be good contacts.