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"Pure & Shameless" Technology Socials & HotSpaces.Net articles:

Tampa Bay Business Journal Roundtable discussion of the local Tech Community, Workforce & Job Market, August 2014

"Placing college grads is not an area of specialty of mine. A lot of CIOs, VPs ... their kids are graduating. They’ll ask like, hey, can you help them out?...Fortunately, I’ve had a bunch of clients where they’ve hired a lot of the recent college grads or, those with three years and put them with a senior developer in a mentor type program.


Interview with Hills. County Commissioner Mark Sharpe & others from the Tech Community, January 10, 2014 - video deleted by Hills. County - :-(


Interview with Hillsborough County Commissioner Mark Sharpe & others from Tech Community, May 24, 2013 - video deleted by Hills County... :-(


Bristol-Myers Squibb starts hiring for Tampa office, 10/8/13


The New Technology Elite, March 2012 by Vinnie Mirchandani,

"The New Technology Elite describes these two powerful trends—the “consumerization of enterprise technology” and, in contrast, “the enterprising of consumer technology.” These trends are revising the definition of who qualifies today as a technology elite.."


14 Tips to Help New College Grads Land a (Good) IT Job by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff, June 26, 2012

Several quotes including..."MIS students who avoided any development courses, however, are finding a harder time securing an IT job compared to the CS or engineering students" 


Networking Secrets from a Start-Up Entrepreneur, Tampa Bay Innovation Center, Tech Talk, June 2011 (before they started video recording the talks...fortunately)  


"Best Sectors to Find a Job", My Fox Business News cable TV premiere, I'm a Cable TV pundit!!, February 4, 2011


Recruiter To Fill 60+ Tech Jobs, Sees Uptick In Hiring,, 11/30/2010

CEO and IT job recruiter Fritz Eichelberger says his company,, currently is recruiting for 60+ job openings that he is trying to fill for various clients. 



Florida's unemployment rate rose to 11.9% in September 2010, Tampa Bay Times, Oct. 23, 2010

Fritz Eichelberger, a Tampa recruiter and consultant specializing in the tech industry, said demand for certain types of jobs has grown "white hot" since late August. "Some candidates are getting multiple job interviews, multiple job offers," he said. The four areas of demand he's keyed on: technology; interactive marketing; technology sales; and health care compliance, the latter growing because of an initiative to convert to electronic medical records. "Outside of those four key areas, I think it's still a world of pain, unfortunately," Eichelberger said. 


Tampa Bay area Tech Recruiter, Socials host, Bullish on Technology Jobs, Tampa Bay Times, May 12, 2010

"At 'Pure & Shameless' Technology Socials, Fritz the host finds the best job market in years", by Bob Trigaux


10 Tips for Finding a Job in Lousy Economy by Bob Trigaux, Tampa Bay Times, March 27, 2009 

"Dont rely on job boards...", Fritz Eichelberger


Tampa Bay Times, September 28, 2008

Slimmed Down Tech Hosts "Pure & Shameless" Tech Social



St. Pete Times - Techies Swap Schmooze & News, October 2001


St. Pete Times - Social Gathering Introduces Lively Tech Gathering, June 15, 2001