Fritz Eichelberger, Founder of HotSpaces.Net

Tampa Bay's oldest & longest running business & social networking group for all technology professionals.




Also CEO of FJE Enterprises Corporation - Providing Consulting & Recruiting services

Mike McAlpin, VP HotSpaces.Net

Bringing "Pure & Shameless" networking back to Orlando.



Pictures from "Pure & Shameless" Tech Socials





A #1. To help promote the greater technology community.

A #2. To help promote my business

1. There is no fee.

1.a. Everyone pays for their own drinks & food that is not offered as complimentary by Blue Martini

1.b. Because I have heard how much you folks spend on food & drinks at the Socials and there is no way I am willing to foot the bill. Remember, be courteous to the wait staff and tip appropriately.

2. Dress is casual. Heck, Fritz wears a yellow floral shirt.

3. As few as 200 and as many as approximately 500 have shown up the past.

3.a. Yes, that many.

3.b. Just do a google search for "Pure & Shameless" or and read the articles we've been fortunate to be included.

3.c. Real sources too! St. Pete Times, Tampa Bay Business Journal and others.

4. People from all levels of technology - entrepreneurs, executives, managers, coders, power users, influencers, dreamers and people with more initials & certifications than you ever thought possible.

4a. We are all part of the same tech community.

5. There is no hardcore selling going on. It is always about building relationships. This is a social not a formal business function.

5.a. Yes. there will be service providers there. However, the overwhelming majority are people actually involved in technology.

6. Yes, unemployed people will be there. Sign of the times, unfortunately.

6.a. Yes, MANY employed people will be there too!

7. People have gotten job offers, consulting deals, and great gossip about what is going on in the area as far as jobs and business opportunities.

8. Fritz bought the Yellow Tommy Bahama floral Shirt on sale at Saks. He needed something to help me stand out in a room of several hundred.

8.a. Fritz now owns 6 Yellow Tommy Bahama floral Shirts and am working out a deal with Nordstrom to be the official supplier of shirts.

8.b. Mike only wears long sleeve blue oxford button downs in public. (He won't say how many he owns...) Lands' End refused sponsorship though.

9. Its ok to walk up to someone and just start a conversation or join one in progress. That is what the other people who attend are doing anyway.

10. Because many people have been forbidden from Blue Martini so it gives them a reason to go

11. To help the tech community and create awareness of our size and importance to the overall community.

11.a. To also help market my consulting Firm!! The last time I checked, it is still a for-profit world.

11.b. Plus, this goes on in other major cities and areas in the US. Why not in Tampa Bay & Orlando?

12. Send me your resume. Either we're hiring for a consulting project or I may know of someone who is hiring in the area.

13. The invite goes out to MANY people. MAAAAny people.

14. Just click on the BIG FAT REGISTER button, fill out the info and you will be added to the list of future invites.

14.a. Because the size of the button makes it easy for people to find.