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Celebrating 18 years of bringing together those involved in the Tech Community - Tech Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Interactive Marketing professionals and many more

 MANY thanks to the 250+ who stopped by the last "P&S" Tech Social!  What energy and positive vibe was going on throughout the evening.


When: May 12, 2016 (new website launch delayed...)

Where: Blue Martini, International Plaza Mall, Tampa - click here for directions


Who: Thousands from Tech & Interactive Marketing Communities across Florida have attended: VCs, CEO/founders, CIO, CTO, CMO, VP, BA, MCSE, SEO/SEM, PMP, CCNE, MCP, Managers, bloggers, social media experts, Mobile Developers, Architects, DBA, CTOs, SQA, Ph.D.s, BSAs, and many more initials....
Why: Make connections at the longest running (17 years) networking event across Central Florida focused on the Tech Community. Attendees have always been surprised to find out how many peers they have in the community.  It is amazing to see the changes of the local Tech community over the past 15 years. Find out who is developing what software products, promote your mobile apps, new social media strategies, implementing new technologies, look for Beta users, Big Data initiatives, new SaaS / Cloud Solutions, SharePoint, etc.
What: Dress is casual, bring cards, ideas, business plans, and be ready to mingle. The entire inside and outside bar will be filled by our group. Enjoy discounted food options plus 50% off wine, beer & cocktail offerings -
NOTE: they changed the Happy Hour to end at 7pm (used to be 8pm...great while it lasted - $4 Blue Moon beers all day). From 7-8pm, $5 house wines, well & Van Gogh cocktails.  Some appetizer trays may be provided by Blue Martini. There are no fees; everyone just pays for their own drinks!